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Can you be buried without a coffin?

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2020

On February 14, 2020, Lethbridge, Alberta passed a bylaw that allows for green burials in public cemeteries. Calgary is expected to follow Lethbridge's lead soon. This is an environmentally friendly and less expensive alternative to cremation or burial in a coffin. In Lethbridge, a person can now be wrapped in a shroud and placed in the ground. The concept allows the body to be placed in the ground without any embalming so the body can naturally decompose and become one with the earth.

Most common burial methods are not environmentally friendly and involve the use of toxic embalming fluids that can leach into the soil. Cremation is also considered bad for the environment as it releases carbon monoxide into the air. Green burials utilize only natural biodegradable materials, meaning the body and the materials used will eventually decompose. In most green burials, neither headstones nor clothing with zippers, metal products, or plastic buttons, are permitted, as all matter placed in the grave must be biodegradable. The burial sites are not be watered or mowed and visiting individual graves is discouraged, to let the grass grow. Currently, green funerals are not available in St. Albert, but it would fall within the city’s motto – Cultivate Life!  If you have questions or concerns about funeral planning contact Estate Connection Law Office for our preferred funeral homes list. We are here to help.


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