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Communication: How does it prevent estate litigation?

estate planning Apr 17, 2019

The merging of blended families and the resulting combined estates has created the perfect storm for a flood of estate litigation. Beneficiaries, or people who think they should be a beneficiary, are lawyering up and heading to court like never before to fight for their perceived right to a piece of the pie. Justice is a relative concept depending on where you sit and the fight for this style of justice has never been more expensive.

My advice to clients who are upset and want to fight about the principle of the matter has always been the same…settle quickly and be angry at the person who left the mess. Why? There is an easy way to prevent estate litigation.  The person writing the Will has to lift the veil of secrecy around their Will.  The easiest way to do this?  Hold a family meeting where the beneficiaries can be told about your estate and what their inheritance will be, if any. Holding this meeting may seem a little daunting, but this is a much better way to deal with things than having your family members litigating issues in open court.

Leave your loved ones solutions, not problems. If you need help having a family meeting, contact Estate Connection to start the process. From helping you walk your family members through your Will to acting as a mediator to avoid potential arguments, we are here to help!


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