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Drop the Mic: We have a Canada Wide Wills Registry!

firm updates Sep 18, 2019

The silence is always deafening.

At least once a week over the last 18 years, I have had to end a will signing on an uncomfortable note. Shortly after the document has been signed and my staff have left the room to make the necessary copies, the client asks when I will be registering their will.

I swallow and clear my throat - there is no will registry in Alberta. I have no place to register your documents. The client looks at me and expectantly says "WHAT?" They are shocked and amazed that we have no will registry in Alberta. How will their loved one locate their will if they die or are disabled? How will they prove the will they have just signed and put all their hopes and dreams into will be located after they die? 

Thankfully, I will not have to endure this uncomfortable silence ever again. NoticeConnect has managed to create what all wills and estates lawyers have dreamed of - a Canada Wide Wills Registry.

The service is brilliant in its simplicity. 

Wills and Estate lawyers are given credentials so that they can log into the NoticeConnect website. The lawyer registers the testator's name; no other client information is needed. When someone searches the testator's name on the website, the lawyer gets an email that someone is looking for the will. No need to look through your old files because you put the information the registry. The lawyer gets to choose if and when they respond to the search request. Better yet, when the lawyer retires, they can transfer the records to another firm. For more information on How It Works check out their website (https://www.noticeconnect.com/how-it-works/canadawillregistry/).

Worried about needing to contact all your old client’s permission to register all your old wills in the registry? Rest easy. The Canada Wills Registry design means that all lawyers have implicit consent from their clients to register the will in the registry. The Law Society of Ontario has agreed that lawyers can use the registry without the impractical time consuming job of locating each person and explaining why you want their permission to use an online service to register their estates documents online, yes it's safe, yes their information will be private, yes the information is encrypted, no its not connected to Facebook or Snapchat or Yahoo, no your nephew won't be able to hack the website etc., etc., etc... Just typing that sentence once tired me out, imagine having that telephone conversation over and over and over again. 

Security & Privacy Guaranteed

The Canada Wills Registry solves a problem that Alberta Estate lawyers have been asking for - a wills registry that keeps people information confidential and alerts the law firm when someone searches the testator's name.

Estate Connection Law Office will begin registering all our old and new wills in the Canada Will registry on August 1, 2019 and we're proud to be supporting the Canada Will Registry.

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