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How to Write a Basic Eulogy

demise Jan 30, 2019

Our office was contacted by a 32-year-old client who was attempting to deal with her father's estate. She had found the process quite complicated and confusing, especially given that she had never attended a funeral before.

Our client was overwhelmed, and the thought of writing her fathers eulogy was more then she could handle. Our office walked her through our executor's handbook, a document that outlines what you do the first 365 days after death. One of the first steps was writing a personal tribute to her late father, and she found our 6 Easy Steps for writing a eulogy to be very useful. We wanted to pass this information along, in the hopes it can be helpful to someone else who finds themselves having to write their first eulogy:

  1. BRAINSTORM - When a loved one dies writing the tribute can be challenging to contemplate writing. Brainstorm ideas with family members. You will need to obtain necessary biographical information, however, stories from family and friends can form the most memorable part of the eulogy. Collect all this information.
  2. INTRODUCTION- Write an introduction for the eulogy. Acknowledge why everyone has gathered. Introduce yourself, and state your relationship to the deceased. Thank the guests for attending.
  3. BIO- Write a short Bio on the person. The date of birth. What place were they were born? Significant family members, events & details. Talk about her/his spouse, children, & grandchildren.
  4. SPECIAL MEMORIES- Write about special memories & stories. Talk about life achievements, talents, hobbies and passions. Outline any unique & special qualities. Use a little gentle humour here.
  5. COMFORT- Close with words of encouragement and goodbyes. Life lessons she/he taught you & the impact they had on your life. Finish by saying a final goodbye to your loved one.
  6. PROOFREAD & PRACTICE- Are the names and dates correct? How is the overall tone? Have you captured the essence of your loved one? 

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