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estate planning wills Oct 10, 2018

Some of the most meaningful Wills are those that include messages to family members. These Wills provide a message that can be delivered from beyond the grave.

One of my personal favourite Wills was a Will that was written by a wonderful elderly school teacher who had a close group of friends that got together every week for a cup of earl grey tea and fresh biscuits. Over the course of her life she had collected and been given many beautiful tea pots. Upon her death, her Executor had an elaborate tea party for all her family and friends at the Rutherford House. During the tea party, the Executor gave each of the friends a specific bequest that they had been left in the Will. Each friend received a special teapot. This memorable tea party created a meaningful way for the family and friends to celebrate the life of a great teetotaller.

Another one of my favorite Wills involved one of our clients that had a 5 foot, (yes that is feet not inches) potato peeler. It had been a running joke in her family that when mom died she was going to leave the peeler to her children so they could finally peel some potatoes.

When I met with her to create her Will, she asked me to help her create a potato peeler Trust!  The Trust outlined that the 5-foot peeler was to be given to her son to hang on the wall of his home in even numbered years and her daughter would have it in odd numbered years.  The trust also asked that the children get together at Christmas to exchange the peeler. Upon her death, her children maintained this tradition and now grandchildren who were not even alive upon her death, fondly tell stories about their grandmother and her potato peeler. Talk about taking the skin off a story!

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