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Wills and Codicils

codicil wills Apr 11, 2018

When it comes to your Will, a Lawyer should always take your needs and wishes seriously. Estate Connection takes that philosophy one step further by taking the time to know you. After all, a Will gives you the legal power to resolve disputes before they even happen. It requires the right amount of time, care, and knowledge before it can be implemented properly. With our estate planning services, you can ensure that your wishes are treated with the respect they deserve.


Put simply, a will outlines the way you want your property and assets to be distributed after you pass away. For many people, a will can be much more than that. It can prevent conflict within your family, save them time and money, and ensure that your belongings end up in the right hands. Our Lawyers also understand that while property and finances are important, personal items can hold a great deal of sentimental value. You may want certain members of your family to receive specific items and preserve your legacy. We can help you ensure that family heirlooms stay in the family.


You should always check your will and update it regularly, especially in light of life-changing events like marriage, birth, and death. A Codicil allows you to formally amend or change your will. The document should be dated, signed, and witnessed, like the will itself, and it should reference the will it amends. You may make more than one Codicil.

Whether you’re worried your family will argue after you’re gone, or you simply want to make sure specific assets end up in the right hands, a proper will can give you great peace of mind. Our Lawyers will ensure your will is tailored to your exact needs. We can even hold an open family meeting on video or in person, allowing you to be as clear as possible about your wishes. Contact Estate Connection to learn more about our estate planning services and put your mind at ease.


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