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Step-grandchildren and your estate plan

These days, blended families are more common than the traditional nuclear family.  As a grandparent who has step-grandchildren, you may wish to understand who will inherit should you leave a portion of your estate to your “grandchildren”, or should you provide in your Will that if your child pre-deceases you, their share will go to “the deceased child’s children”.  

In Alberta, step-grandchildren are not automatically included in a Will. ...

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How does having stepchildren affect your estate plan?

Each blended family is unique. Maybe your second marriage happened later in life, after your children and your spouse’s children became adults; as a result, maybe you don’t want to include your stepchildren in your Will. On the other hand, you may have a very close relationship with your stepchildren, having raised them as if they were your own. In this case, you may very much want to ensure that they get to share in your estate when you die. 

If you DO want to provide a...

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