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Should I put my children on title?

children joint tenancy Apr 15, 2019

What are the perceived benefits of joint ownership?

The right of survivorship is a convincing attribute of joint ownership. The law states that when one of the joint owners passes away, the surviving joint owner(s) will automatically obtain the deceased person’s share. Accordingly, the asset would flow outside of the deceased person’s estate. If an asset flows outside of an estate, it will not be included in the overall value of the estate that is subsequently used to determine...

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Advancing money to children

Sometimes our children or close family members run into a financial bind and need to borrow money. In many cases both the lender and the borrower assume that this money will be paid back quickly. What happens if the lender, who is frequently an elderly parent, dies before the loan is repaid? In my experience this is when the family feud begins, as the borrower will say this money was a gift to them, and the other beneficiaries, frequently the borrower’s siblings, will feel it is a loan...

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Does adoption affect inheritance?

Most Wills state that the estate must be shared among the testators children. In many families, it’s obvious who the “children” are while in other families it is less so. An adopted child’s rights against a biological or adoptive parent are very different under Alberta law. When an adoptive parent passes away, an adopted child has exactly the same legal status as a biological child born to that parent. When the Will makes a gift to “my children”, adopted...

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