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COVID-19: Let's Stay Safe

firm updates Apr 01, 2020

What a challenging time!

I have been amazed and brought to tears by the generosity and courage that my fellow Albertan's have shown towards one another. Especially our health care professionals who have worked tirelessly to provide support to everyone who needs medical assistance.

I am currently reading The Splendid and the Vile- A saga of Churchill, Family and Defiance during the Blitz...

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Drop the Mic: We have a Canada Wide Wills Registry!

firm updates Sep 18, 2019

The silence is always deafening.

At least once a week over the last 18 years, I have had to end a will signing on an uncomfortable note. Shortly after the document has been signed and my staff have left the room to make the necessary copies, the client asks when I will be registering their will.

I swallow and clear my throat - there is no will registry in Alberta. I have no place to...

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