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Probate and grants of administration

Many assume that if they make a Will all their worries are over. While that may be true for some, if your Will wasn’t properly prepared, your family may face expensive and lengthy litigation. Upon your death, your executor has a long list of things they must do to start safeguarding your estate. These include informing family and friends, locating the Will, preparing the funeral, contacting your banks and utility providers, and dealing with his or her own grief. All these duties are...

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Understanding Grants of Administration

When a person dies in Alberta without a will, they are said to die “intestate.” If a thorough search for a will turns up nothing and the estate has assets that need to be administered, a person may apply for a Grant of Administration so that those duties may be carried out.

Who May Be a Personal Representative?

Section 11(2) of the Surrogate Rules specify an order of preference when it comes to who may be a Personal Representative and apply for a Grant of Administration. Unless...

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