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Should I put my children on title?

children joint tenancy Apr 15, 2019

What are the perceived benefits of joint ownership?

The right of survivorship is a convincing attribute of joint ownership. The law states that when one of the joint owners passes away, the surviving joint owner(s) will automatically obtain the deceased person’s share. Accordingly, the asset would flow outside of the deceased person’s estate. If an asset flows outside of an estate, it will not be included in the overall value of the estate that is subsequently used to determine...

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The Dangers of (and alternatives to) joint tenancy

In my practice, I am frequently consulted by seniors who are considering putting their home or cottage into “joint names” with their children. This way they can avoid Estate costs and taxes. While that is true, there are a few factors and legal consequences that people should be aware of before they place their land into joint names with a person other than their spouse. For instance:

  1. Probate fees in Alberta are relatively low and are a maximum of $525.00 for estates more than...
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