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A Guide to Aging in Place

miscellaneous Mar 11, 2020

“Aging in place” does not have a concrete definition; it can mean different things to different people.

For some, to age in place is to modify one’s home so they can remain in a place of familiarity. For others, it can mean downsizing and purchasing a smaller home that already meets their needs. Or, it could mean finding a facility that has different levels of care. Whatever your definition may be, it is our hope for you to live comfortably as you grow older.

We recently met with one of our longstanding clients for a Will Review meeting (remember, it is important to take your Will out every five years or so to ensure that it still reflects your wishes). At this meeting, our clients began contemplating whether or not they should relocate to a city closer to their children. They knew they were aging and wanted to plan accordingly; this conversation got us thinking about Aging in Place.

We let our clients know that they are not alone. Over the past few...

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Does Alberta have a will registry?

miscellaneous wills Feb 05, 2020

Currently, there is no mandatory will registry in Alberta. There are a couple of organizations trying to make a wills registry in our Province. Two that I know of are:

  1. Registry agents virtual vault - https://registryagents.com/alberta-virtual-vault
  2. Wills registry - https://www.noticeconnect.com/how-it-works/canadawillregistry/

There is a registry in British Columbia. If you are looking for a will in that province take a look at BC Wills Registry.

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