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Protecting yourself when you're not able

One of the most abused legal documents is the Power of Attorney. It can give power to a person who might misuse it and leave you powerless in controlling your own life. Same goes for a Personal Care Directive because if this document is ill-prepared, you could end up receiving medical care in a way you never wanted. However, without these documents, you and your family could face costly litigation to unfreeze your assets, or you may be resuscitated when you didn’t want to be. At Estate...

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What a Personal Care Directive can and cannot achieve

A personal care directive  (PCD) is a legal document that enables you to indicate how, why, and by whom your personal care decisions may be made in the event that you cannot make them on your own. In Alberta, your PCD is placed in your Green Sleeve, an advanced care planning document that conveys your wishes regarding medical, resuscitation, and comfort care to your doctors and other medical support staff.

Because a personal care directive is an estate planning document, there is some...

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What you need to know about Green Sleeves

In Alberta, Green Sleeves are often referred to as ‘medical passports.’ They are green plastic pockets that keep your advance care planning documents in a single, easily accessed place. In an emergency situation, Alberta medical providers can review the contents and know what your wishes are. In Alberta most people keep these green plastic envelopes on the refrigerator door where emergency personnel can grab these documents if you can not express your wishes.

Green Sleeves contain...

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