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Should my 18 year old have a will?

In Alberta, most people have to be 18 years of age to write a will. There are a variety of exceptions to this rule, for example if you a minor has a child or is a member of the military then you may be able to write a will while you are a minor. However, by and large most minors are unable to create a will in Alberta until their 18th birthday. 

Should your child write a will when they turn 18?

Like so many things in life, the answer depends on your child circumstances. Some reasons to have your child write a will include:

  1.  Do they have property? For example did they inherit money from a grandparent?
  2. Are they estranged from a parent or sibling and want to make sure this person doesn't inherit property if they die?
  3. Have they moved in with a girlfriend or boyfriend and want to make sure that these people do/do not inherit money if they die?
  4. Do they owe money to people and need to deal with these debts if they die?
  5. Do they have an illness or a risky occupation or hobby that...
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