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Can I sell estate property before getting probate?

It can take weeks to receive a Grant of Probate from the Alberta courts, and Executors are usually under pressure from beneficiaries to wrap up the estate quickly.  As a result we often meet Executors who are in a hurry to sell the house or other property in the estate. This is particularly true if the real estate market is in the seller’s favor.

Executors and beneficiaries don’t always want to wait until they’ve received the paperwork from the court and this can be a...

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The probate process and beneficiaries

Families, Estates, and What You Leave Behind

The hardship on individuals and families can be substantial upon the death of a loved one. When there are no known beneficiary designations of property and assets for passing onto beneficiaries or heirs, it can become difficult and emotionally taxing for successors to speculate at the deceased’s final wishes.

For this reason, when a person dies testate, (dies leaving a will) there is a legal process of settling a debts and distributing...

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