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What are some of the key benefits to creating a Trust?

trust Jan 10, 2019

A Trust allows you to control your assets from beyond the grave. You can clearly outline who gets your assets, when they get them and under what regulations or situations they’re able to use them. It provides a means for you to spread your assets out and spread the tax liabilities. It also allows your assets to flow to people outside of your estate. If you create a Trust today for all your family members, that money will leave your estate and it will not pass through your Will, so...

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Personalize your legacy

legacy trust will Sep 27, 2018

Some of the most meaningful Wills are those that include messages to family members. These Wills provide a message that can be delivered from beyond the grave.

One of my personal favourite Wills was a Will that was written by a wonderful elderly school teacher who had a close group of friends that got together every week for a cup of earl grey tea and fresh biscuits. Over the course of her life she had collected and been given many beautiful tea pots. Upon her death, her Executor had an...

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Trust companies that handle your Estate are no longer just for the rich

estate trust Feb 22, 2018

The demand for professional Trust and Estate administration is an area that is experiencing significant growth. This growth is caused by a number of factors including our aging population, our modern family structures, and the vast distances that spread family members apart.

Estate professionals are being asked to step in and help families resolve emotionally charged family disputes.

There are several Trust companies that provide Estate services to clients in the Edmonton area. While most...

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How do I make sure my daughter’s husband does not receive any of my Estate after I die?

trust will Dec 29, 2017

This sounds harsh but to be honest, we have clients ask us this all the time.

If your daughter inherits money and subsequently divorces her spouse, these funds are generally exempt from a matrimonial property division.

The problem occurs if your daughter inherits money and then uses these funds to pay-off the couple’s mortgage or to buy nice jewelry.  These items could become part of an expensive court application where the source of the funds is traced back to the inheritance....

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