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Beware of choosing a U.S. resident as your Executor

estate planning wills Oct 25, 2018

The global reach of our economy has provided increased opportunities for our family members to work and study outside of Canada. More and more, our family members are moving to other countries to gain experience, launch their professional careers and take advantage of exciting opportunities.

When creating an estate plan, many families look to their adult relatives to act in the role of Executor and trustee of their Wills. Choosing a competent person for this role is critical to the ensure a...

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wills Jul 11, 2018

When it comes to your Will, a Lawyer should always take your needs and wishes seriously. Estate Connection takes that philosophy one step further by taking the time to know you. After all, a Will gives you the legal power to resolve disputes before they even happen. It requires the right amount of time, care, and knowledge before it can be implemented properly. With our estate planning services, you can ensure that your wishes are treated with the respect they deserve.


Put simply, a...

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How do I make sure my daughter’s husband does not receive any of my Estate after I die?

estate planning wills Dec 29, 2017

This sounds harsh but to be honest, we have clients ask us this all the time.

If your daughter inherits money and subsequently divorces her spouse, these funds are generally exempt from a matrimonial property division.

The problem occurs if your daughter inherits money and then uses these funds to pay-off the couple’s mortgage or to buy nice jewelry.  These items could become part of an expensive court application where the source of the funds is traced back to the inheritance....

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What your will can and cannot do, Part 2: The Limitations

estate planning wills Dec 16, 2016

Although your will is an important estate planning document, there are certain tasks and directives that it cannot accomplish. Understanding these limitations is essential to determining whether you require additional estate plans to ensure that your assets—as well as those you love—are protected in the future.

You cannot create a Personal Directive

A Personal Directive, otherwise known as a Living Will, is a legal document that provides a designated agent with the authority to...

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