Posted: May 27, 2020

Estate Planning is about protecting what matters the most. Over the course of my 18 years practicing law I have come across a wide variety of property that needs to be included in our clients’ Will.

Recently we had to deal with a unique type of “property”… the cryogenically frozen embryos and sperm of our clients. With cryogenic freezing, it is possible for children to be conceived well after a parent has died. However, when such a child is born, many probate and estate issues need to be dealt with in the parent’s Will.

There are many reasons where someone would want or need to freeze embryos, eggs or sperm: pending cancer treatment that will eventually impair a partner’s ability to reproduce, or a desire to delay having children.

If you have this type of property, contact our office. Our knowledgeable Estate Lawyers have experience dealing with these types of situations. We care, we understand and we are here to help!