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Price: $35.00 CAD (+gst)

Please be advised that this product does not come with a binder; you will be receiving inserts only.


We had an idea to create a binder for our clients and/or future Executors who require certain information when a loved one passes away. The goal is to store all information in one easily accessible place and to avoid any problems or confusion that may arise from missing paperwork.


In case you have to “Grab” your information and “Go” to safety!

Our initial thought for this binder was that it would only be useful in the event of a death. However, given the recent natural disasters that have occurred in Western Canada (such as the fires in Fort McMurray and Kelowna, and flooding in Calgary), we realized just how important it is for families to keep their important paperwork organized and in one place at all times.

It is our hope that, in the event of an emergency, families will be able to grab this information and go to safety as quickly as possible.


Help For Your Executor

We know from experience that this binder will save approximately 30 to 50 hours for your Executor.   Having all of your important records and documents in one place means this Grab and Go binder makes it easier for your Executor will not be spending time looking for the information needed to deal with your estate. 


One word: envelopes.

  • In order to keep your information organized, we have created multiple envelopes – each tailored to a specific category of material.
  • We included a checklist on the cover of each envelope to indicate its contents and have included inserts for you to make note of all relevant information.
  • In addition to utilizing our custom inserts, you can place original documentation inside of the envelopes to keep them safe (rather than producing copies of documents and creating lists of where the originals are stored).

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