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At Estate Connection, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exceptional legal services with a personalized approach to every case. Our law firm is built on a foundation of strong personal connections between our lawyers, staff, and valued clients. From day one we have endeavoured to keep the human element at the forefront of our practice.

Our story begins with Stacy Maurier, our founding lawyer. Following her own personal experiences with estate conflicts, she was inspired from a young age to pursue a career in estate law. From her perspective, a person’s legacy is far more important than the material possessions they leave behind. With the right lawyer, she believes estate law can curtail arguments among relatives, save money and time, keep family traditions alive, and make sure a person’s memory is celebrated according to their wishes.

Whether you are a young parent planning for the future or a senior citizen looking to provide your loved ones with as much protection as possible, our estate planning services can benefit you in several ways. Our lawyers will provide you with the instrumental advice and information you need to make decisions with confidence. We can also use the law to your advantage if any legal concerns or conflicts should come up. We do all this while providing a warm, reassuring approach, making efforts to ensure you feel comfortable and informed every step of the way.

Stacy Maurier, our fabulous founding lawyer

Stacy Maurier B.A., L.L.B.

At a time when specialization has become the way most lawyers work, Stacy Maurier is a throwback to a bygone era. She is proudly able to handle not only drafting wills and estate documents, but can also incorporate a company, create unanimous share agreements, handle real estate transactions, and litigate if need be. These skills allow Stacy to take care of her clients from cradle to grave and to proficiently handle the issues that arise at any point during the estate, probate, or litigation process.

Stacy knew she wanted to be a lawyer since she was 12 years old. While attending the University of Alberta Law School, she spent her summers working at a law firm in Grande Prairie, Alberta where she acted as an agent for the Federal Crown and for prosecuted traffic court offences. After graduating in 1999, she articled at the firm, was called to the Bar, and was offered a partnership opportunity.

Her then boyfriend, upon hearing about this offer, made his way from Legal, Alberta to her law office to make her an alternate partnership offer. This marriage proposal, took her out of Grande Prairie to Edmonton where Stacy worked as a lawyer for the Provincial Government and a local law firm. In 2011 Stacy and another local lawyer purchased Weary and Company Law Office from Bruce Weary Q.C and grew this law firm substantially. While Stacy enjoyed the variety of work at this general law firm, she aspired to practice only wills and estate law. Wanting to create a boutique law firm where she could fight for her clients while guaranteeing they were treated respectfully and fairly, Stacy founded Estate Connection—a law firm committed to helping our clients succeed in the areas of wills and estate law.

Stacy’s practice has evolved to handle both the legal needs and the hands-on work for both large and small estates. Her clients admire her direct approach and her experience in a wide range of circumstances. From children’s estates in Spain, to missing people, and families fighting over piles of cash under the sofa, nothing surprises her anymore. Her willingness to find solutions that are outside the box while maintaining her fantastic sense of humour and her ever present smile allow these complicated situations to be dealt with in a quick and efficient way.  Stacy becomes not only her clients lawyer, but also their strategic advisor and confident.

In addition to practicing law, Stacy is past Chair of the Canadian Bar Association – solo and small practitioner national section, is a current member of the Government of Alberta Second Level Management Appeal Board for opted out and excluded employees, and a Practice Assessor for for the Law Society of Alberta Practice Review Committee. Stacy continues to contribute to the local community by presenting free workshops on wills, estates, and real estate issues, teaching bar admission courses, and working with young lawyers just starting out in the practice to help them provide legal services to our community.

Meghan Golden, our awesome associate lawyer

Meghan Golden B.S.C., L.L.B

Meghan’s number one role is serving as a proud mother to a beautiful, young child. Prior to becoming a mother, Meghan had the time to enjoy reading, golfing, travelling, and spending hours on Pinterest looking for her next big project.

Meghan was born in Newfoundland and moved to Fort McMurray prior to starting kindergarten. Upon graduating from high school in Fort McMurray, she attended Keyano College and decided she wanted to be a psychologist because she liked to meet new people and work with them to solve their issues.

For some unknown reason, instead of pursuing her Masters in Psychology, she went to work at a local wills and estates law firm as a receptionist. Meghan will deny it, but we all suspect that while working at the law firm she became enraptured by the fact that there are no crazier people to work with than lawyers. Meghan attended law school while working at that law firm and went from firm receptionist to full-blown lawyer. Meghan practice focuses on wills, trustee and guardianship issues, real estate and corporate matters. This hard work is evident in all that Meghan does and we all hope that she never regrets becoming a lawyer instead of a psychologist.

Does that make us crazy or her?



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