What is the benefit of appointing EC as Executor?

Executors are often evaluated based on their age, experience, time, values and ability.  When choosing your Executor, you should consider:

  • Can they remain neutral?
  • Are they easily influenced by others?
  • Are they organized and can they meet deadlines?
  • Will they be able to maintain a statement of receipts and disbursements?
  • Will they be in constant communication with all beneficiaries?
  • Do they have the time to deal with their duties as Executor?

Making this decision can be difficult, and situations may arise where you would prefer to hire an unbiased, third-party organization to handle you affairs.

The reasons for hiring our office as their Executor varies among clients.

  • Some consider the role to be a burden on their loved ones;
  • Others don’t have close relatives they can trust, or their loved ones are elderly and unable to act, or maybe
  • They are surrounded by young parents who don’t have the time to act.
  • Others may simply prefer to have a qualified team of lawyers close their estate.

Whatever the reason may be, our office is here to help. We promise to protect your legacy and help you leave your loved ones with solutions, not problems.

Hiring Estate Connection As Your Executor

If you are:

  • looking for a neutral and unbiased Executor,
  • you have no close relatives, or
  • you simply prefer to have a dependable team of lawyers handle your estate,

we are here to help.  Contact our office about how we can act as your Executor and handle your estate.

What is the cost?

Whether a loved one or a third-party organization is appointed as Executor, they are generally compensated for their work.

Please contact our office directly to learn more about our fee for acting as the Executor of an estate. Please note that this fee will only be collected in the event that you pass away and we act as Executor; when drafting the documents, our standard rates apply.