Who is an Executor?

An Executor (known as a Personal Representative in the province of Alberta) is appointed in a Last Will and Testament to handle and administer one’s estate. An Executor can be a single individual, joint individuals, a lawyer, accountant, trust company, etc. They are entrusted with the disposition of estate property and with the protection of a testator’s legacy. To put it simply, an Executor grants a testator’s final wishes and closes the estate.

What are the responsibilities of an Executor?

Acting as the Executor of an estate can be a demanding role. From applying for probate to contacting asset holders and debtors, paying bills, closing accounts, cashing insurance policies, maintaining property, selling property, filing taxes, and staying in constant communication with beneficiaries, there are countless duties and responsibilities that are dependent on the complexity of the estate.

Executors looking for assistance

If you have been appointed as the Executor of an estate and are looking for guidance on how to properly fulfill your duties and obligations, our office can act as your helping right hand.  We assist Executors with various duties and responsibilities, including but not limited to the following:

Serve Beneficiaries with the application

Hold money in trust and prepare a statement of account

Prepare releases and distribute funds

Draft the application