Our founding lawyer has practiced real estate law for a staggering twenty years.

From dealing with renters who refuse to leave the property, to being informed that there was a house fire the day before a closing, she has the experience to combat any potential issues that may arise in your transaction.


Efficient & Keeping You Informed

Our office will work with you to ensure that your deal runs as smoothly as possible and will keep you well informed along the way. This begins with pricing.



Rather than use a fee disbursement model, which typically results in confusion over your final invoice, our office has decided to use a flat-fee billing approach.

This means that there will be no additional charges for courier fees, postage, etc. Your quote will be your final invoice.


Purchase While purchasing a property is an exciting event and a major milestone in life, it can also be a stressful experience.

Refinance The decision to refinance a home varies among individual circumstances.

What You Should Bring To Your Real Estate Meeting?

When meeting with a real estate lawyer, please be sure to bring the following documentation:

  1. One piece of Government Issued Photo Identification (your driver’s license or passport);
  2. A second piece of identification (alternate photo ID, credit card, SIN card, birth certificate, etc.);
  3. The RPR and Compliance Certificate for the property if you are selling your property; and
  4. A void cheque.

At this meeting, you will sign all relevant paperwork that is required to transfer the property to the buyer on possession day.

Are you an Executor that is dealing with the sale of a house?

Many of our clients that are Executors, find themselves overwhelmed trying to deal with all of the contents that have to be dealt with before they can sell the home.  

Did you know…

  • if there is something valuable you must make sure you get an appraisal of its value before selling.  If an item is sold for less than its value, you as the Executor could be held liable for the lost revenue?
  • when someone passes away, you as the Executor must ensure the house is properly insured, secured and the property is maintained (cut lawn, shovel snow, etc)
  • most insurance companies will require that you do a walkthrough of the property to ensure there are no problems.
  • beneficiaries may make use of the deceases personal items such as a vehicle.  If that driver is involved in an accident, the estate could be tied up in litigation.


Do you need assistance with how to deal with the contents and other issues? We can help with the sale of the home AND we have a network of professional that can help with issues such as appraising items, home repairs, etc.