Experience counts!

Working with our experienced lawyers whose primary focus is estate law means we can guide you as you write your Will and other estate planning documents.  We take the time to:

  • walk you through the process step by step,
  • explain the elements of a strong Will,
  • help you avoid the usual pitfalls, and
  • address any questions or concerns you may have.

Leaving solutions, not problems Your Will clarifies how you wish to distribute your property and assets after you pass away, helping to avoid confusion and potential conflicts among your family members.

Is It Time To Update Your Will\n\nOur Will Review Checklist asks 29 questions meant to help you figure out if it is time for you to update your Will!

What Is An Enduring Power Of Attorney?

What Is A Personal Care Directive?

Is it time to update your Will? 

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, and 4!

Step 1 – Call our office to book an appointment to meet with Stacy, our founding lawyer.

Step 2 – We will book a 1-hour meeting. During the meeting, Stacy will ask you all the questions she needs to write your Estate Planning Documents.

Step 3 – Approx. 2 weeks later we will send you copies of your documents to review.

Step 4 – Approx. 1 month from your first appointment, you will return to our office to sign your documents!