What Is A Personal Care Directive?

Your Personal Care Directive (also known as a Living Will) ensures that your healthcare wishes are carried out should you become infirm or incapacitated.

Why do I need a Personal Directive?

A Personal Care Directive allows you to appoint an Agent to make your medical decisions in the event that you lose mental capacity.  The document also provides your Agent with clear instructions on your wishes, beliefs, and values concerning healthcare.


What happens if I do not have a Personal Care Directive?

In cases of emergency where there is no Personal Care Directive, a family member may have to make important decisions based on what they believe is in your best interest. Situations may also arise where your family has to make an application to Court to become your legal Guardian.

A Green Sleeve is a plastic pocket that holds important documentation outlining a patient’s goals for health care.  Health care providers encourage us to keep the Green Sleeve on our fridge or nearby so if there is a medical emergency, first responders and health care providers have access to your medical history and direction on how you wish them to proceed. A Green Sleeve can be obtained from a health care provider, whereas a Personal Care Directive can be drafted by a lawyer.

A Personal Care Directive is suggested to be placed inside of a Green Sleeve for ease of access.