What will happen to your loved ones when you're gone?

Most people never bother to think of an answer to that question. "It's not my problem anymore", is what they say.

They're absolutely right.

It's not their problem anymore. It's their loved ones'.

I've met a local family whose father passed away. He was a very loving man and cared deeply for his children and grandchildren. He was in the Canadian Armed Forces and worked extremely hard over 32 years to build $1.3 million in property and assets. He was also a gold medalist in hockey at the 1948 Olympics held in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

When he passed away, his will wasn't in order.

It wasn't clear, for example, on who would get his 1948 gold medal in hockey.

You can imagine what happened next.

His children fought bitterly over who would keep Grandpa's gold medal.

Instead of coming together to console and be there for one another, they became even more distant and refused to speak to each other. The litigation after the internment made things even worse.

There was name calling, and embarrassingly ugly stories being told in court.

It lasted several months, before the court decreed that each would take turns keeping the medal for 2 years before passing it on to their siblings.

The youngest would have to wait 8 years, before he could keep the medal, which left him very disgruntled.

Even after the case was settled, nothing was ever the same among the siblings.

Worst of all, the lawyer fees ate up a good chunk of the inheritance, leaving each child with significantly less.

What a disaster that was left behind!

This shouldn't have happened to them, and it shouldn't have to happen to you.

Your loved ones are your legacy.

They deserve to have certainty about what is going to happen to your assets.

As they grieve over your loss, they need someone just and impartial to ensure that your last wishes are carried out exactly as you have intended.

Most of all, they need to feel that even though you're gone, your legacy of love lives on to remind them always of your presence.

We can help you leave a legacy of love.

Estate Connection specializes in providing legal services on wills and estates with a personalized approach to every case.

For 18 years, Stacy Maurier, its founding lawyer, has been helping responsible and loving people like you to leave behind certainty, clarity, and care for their loved ones.

Our seminars will help you:

  • Curtail arguments among your relatives.

  • Save time and money after litigation.

  • Keep your family traditions alive.

  • Ensure your memory is celebrated according to your wishes.

  • Leave solutions and not problems for your loved ones.

Here are some past clients who've benefitted from our seminars:

"Always professional and attentive. Stacy provides great advice!"

Bob R.

"Had a first class experience. Everyone was so helpful, they made a negative situation turn into a positive experience. You are all wonderful people...thank you!"

Colin R.

"After my Mom passed away, I knew I had to put a good will in place to protect my children. I was referred to Stacy Maurier by my life insurance agent and friend. Writing a will was something I dreaded but the decision making was facilitated by Stacy and I feel confident my wishes will be carried out. I rest easy now."

Michele-Andrea M. 

"It has been an amazing experience with Stacy and her team. I have been working with Stacy over the past seven years on multiple wills and estates and am happy to refer family and friends. I am very thankful for everything that they have done for my aunt’s estate. Their attention to detail, responsiveness and compassion helped guide me through the process."

Joyce C.

This is how you can leave your legacy of love.

We are opening slots to our upcoming Will and Estate Workshop in November, where you will learn:

  • What makes a complete and air tight will that eliminates all confusion and leaves no questions unanswered. Your loved ones will celebrate and not litigate your memory.

  • How to protect your loved ones when you no longer can. We teach you how to legally reduce taxes on your estate, and provide a plan that will take care of your family for the rest of their lives.

  • What an Executer is, why they are important, and how to find one. Understand everything they'll be doing to care for your loved ones when you're no longer around.

  • The 3 R's when it comes to leaving assets to minors. Not knowing these will prevent them from receiving your gifts of love.

  • How your foreign assets are handled. Ignorance of the law means your loved ones may pay more unnecessary taxes or may not even be able to claim them.

  • Why leaving to charity may not be the best decision you make. Giving to charity may make you feel good, but it may make your loved one's miserable. Learn what to do so your loved ones and your charity remain friends.

  • How family trusts work. Understand if they are beneficial or harmful for your loved ones' situation, so you can ensure their financial needs are cared for.

  • How to financially protect yourself and your family should you become incapable of doing so. Not having this in place means that your assets can be frozen by the court and be cut off from you and your family.

Plus, at the end of the seminar, you get the following legal documents done for you


One original Will

Your legacy of love for your loved ones that will continue to support and remind them of you for the rest of their lives.

2 Original Enduring Power of Attorneys

Have peace of mind knowing that if, for whatever reason, you are unable to manage your financial affairs, there is someone else who is legally able to do so on your behalf, and care for your loved ones.

2 Personal Care directives

Be in control even when you are medically not able to be. This allows your chosen appointee to manage your personal affairs and give you the care you need while you are unable to do so.

Executor Duties Handbook

Your executor will know absolutely everything needed to perform their role and execute your will. Even a complete beginner could do it!


Estate Planning Binder worth $250

All worksheets, handouts, guides and questionnaires that take you from A to Z when planning your estate.

Where Everything Is Checklist worth $47

Get organized so your family will know where all your investments and accounts are and not risk losing them. Remember, if they don't know about it, they cannot claim it!

FREE 2 hour Legal consultation worth $700

Experience our unique personalized approach as we help you step by step to put together all the above legal documents ready for your signature. You go home with peace of mind knowing that your future and that of your loved ones is secured.

You get the informative and helpful seminar, all legal documents done for you, and all bonus items for the low price of $895 for individuals or $1,295 for couples.

Early Bird Bonus: Register now and get $100 off the regular price!

Yes, I am ready to leave a legacy of love

I'm not sure if this seminar is right for me.

Some people wonder if this seminar will work for them. From our experience, the ones who benefit the most from this seminar are those who:

  • Want to guarantee that their loved ones are protected and given the absolute best care after they're gone.

  • Want to leave loving memories with those left behind.

  • Want their legacy and family traditions to be remembered and continue.

  • Want to minimize legal fees and taxes so their loved ones receive more.

  • Are concerned that their loved ones would fight over their assets.

If any of the above apply to you, then it’s in your and your loved ones' best interest to sign up now.

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Yes, I want to leave a legacy of love


Of course, you can write your own will. However, in our experience most wills written by the individuals themselves do not protect their assets or their loved ones enough, and instead tend to cause time consuming and costly problems.

We once had to probate a will for a gentleman who had lived in Calgary, who had bequeathed everything he owned, except his house. He had forgotten about the largest and most expensive item he owned! His daughter had to cover the household expenses until the house was dealt with and sold. To make matter worse, her dad had not written the witnesses' full names, so she had to spend days trying to figure out who had signed the will as witness to her dads’ signature. This process not only stressed the daughter out, but it also caused increased legal fees to the tune of $3,500.00. A professionally drafted will would have saved his loved ones time, stress, and thousands of dollars.

We also dealt with another case where the deceased in her will had bequeathed to her close friends a percentage of her estate, but as they did not understand the legal statutes on how it should be filled up, the money ended up being given to a family member instead… a person she hadn’t seen in 10 years. Not the outcome she or her friends were likely hoping for.

So yes, you can write your own will, but there are very costly consequences in time, money, and undue stress, plus a real danger your wishes are not carried out exactly as you intended if not done properly with full knowledge of the law.

The first session begins on 8th November from 6-8 PM. It continues the following 3 Thursdays for a total of 3 2-hour sessions.


Nothing but yourself. We provide paper, pens, your seminar materials, and snacks.

If at the end of the second workshop session, you are not completely satisfied with the service and content delivered, we will refund 100% of your money and even let you keep the materials provided, including our will review checklist which will be invaluable to you in the future.

The sessions are all recorded and will be available the next day in your membership area. You can watch these anytime at your leisure.

Bring your old will to the first workshop session and we will gladly take 5 minutes to walk with you through our proprietary will checklist, so you can see if your will is outdated or if it will still work for you. Based on our recommendation, you can continue to participate in the workshop or back out and receive 100% of your money back.

We use a unique proprietary methodology to handle cases where our clients cannot nominate anyone they trust to handle their estate. In 100% of the cases we've used this in, we've always successfully managed to determine a suitable person to handle their affairs.

How do I begin?

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What legacy do you want to leave behind for your loved ones?

No one likes to think about death.

Even worse, no one likes to think of what will happen to their loved ones after death.

You don't have to worry about them.

You can choose to take care of them ahead of time.

You can choose to dictate how they will remember you.

You can choose to leave them solutions... and not problems.

Make that decision now to leave them a legacy of love.

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